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Beechmount Farm is located in Millisle, County Down and has been running since 1800s.  It is currently run by myself, Robert Boyle, after being passed down the family through generations.   I am  a serving director in the Irish Moiled cattle society.  I specialize in breeding Irish Moiled cattle, which is one of the rarest Irish breed of cattle. Below you will find some information on them.



Irish Moiled Cattle:

The Irish Moiled is one of Irelands rarest cattle breeds, traditionally a dairy cow, it has earned the reputation as a truly dual purpose animal, producing both high quality beef and milk from poorer quality grazing.

The Irish Moiled is a hornless breed.  The name Moilie is derived from the Gaelic language and relates to the distinctive dome or mound on top of the head.  It is of medium size (a mature cow can weigh up to 650kg) with a varied colouration, characteristically red in colour marked by a white line or 'finching' on the back and under parts, but can vary from white with red ears to nearly all red.

They are generally easy to handle with a placid docile temperament.

In the 20th Century the breed declined in numbers as it was superseded by new more specialised breeds.  The decline was so dramatic that by the 1970's the breed had been reduced to less than 30 females maintained by two breeders in Northern Ireland - David Swan of Dunsilly and James Nelson of Maymore.

The Irish Moiled Cattle Society was formed in 1926 to develop and improve the breed.  In 1982 the Society was revived with the encouragement of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.  The breed has enjoyed valuable research and guidance from both the Trust and the Genetics Department of Liverpool University.  This encouragement has been greatly appreciated by the Society.

The Society has a well establised DNA testing programme to ensure validity of pedigrees and the integrity of this important gene pool.

In 2008 a breed conservation strategy was launched.  It is hoped that this strategy will help maintain the genetic base of the breed and also reduce to a minimum any increase in inbreeding within the breed.

There are currently approximately 160 members of the Society with memberships increasing each month.  If you would like to find out more infomation please visit  www.irishmoiledcattlesociety.com

The Irish Moilie is finished on 100% grass in an ethical environment.  The pedigree breed requires a little longer to mature compared to other breeds.  It is this slow-maturing process which results in rich marbling that gives Moilie beef it's succulent flavour.

The magic is in the marbling, resulting from our slow-maturing processes.  Our melt in the mouth Moilie beef requires no rich sauces.  Served with a sprinkle of salt this velvety, buttery beef is good enough to be enjoyed on it's own.

Irish Moiled beef is available from Bruces Hill Farm Shop, 8 College Street, Belfast City Centre (opposite Sawyers).  Their Irish Moilie beef is dry aged fro 28 days to ensure the very best flavour.  The refinement of their technique over the years coupled with the experience and skills of their finishers ensure the entire process is optimised to bring to market the perfect end-product.  For more information on Bruces Hill Farm shop visit  www.bruceshill.co.uk



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